Based in Kingston, Ontario, Stancu Design  provides high quality graphic/web design for digital media and traditional print to customers around the world.
Reaching a customer involves understanding and connecting people with products and services they need.  Approaching the customer in a respectful and interesting way, on their terms is the key to success in delivering any message. But most importantly, it is the recognition that a customer is potentially a mother, father, sister, husband, or wife and perhaps even a child — not a faceless nameless target made up of numbers and statistics.

Stancu Design proposes a change in attitude towards the customer. An attitude founded on respect for a customer with genuine needs and desires — not a targeted group of people made up of statistics alone. There is a difference between aiming at and hitting a target market and reaching a customer. Therefore Stancu Design believes that a customer can recognize the difference between a facilitated hit and a genuine connection.


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